Alice Fox : Walking, Collecting, Making in ITALY 2018

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Alice Fox : Walking, Collecting, Making in ITALY 2018


The detail that surrounds us can be fascinating, if we just allow ourselves to take it in. This course aims to open our eyes to what is around us, finding the potential in the ordinary.

Dates: 6th-13th October 2018 Booking Fee: £50

Venue: Puglia, Southern Italy at the Masseria della Zingara

The course is a 5 day course and the fee varies, based on your accommodation, arrival date and departure date. More pricing information below. This can be arranged and the deposit paid by contacting Jan at 

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               Observing, collecting, composing with her camera!

             Observing, collecting, composing with her camera!

Alice's Statement says...

 have always been fascinated by the natural world and the detail of organic things.  My practice brings together recording, collecting and interaction with the landscape.  The work that I produce celebrates and carries an essence of what I experience in the natural world. I aim to draw the viewer in, invite them to look closer and notice things they might otherwise have overlooked.

There are many different ways that we can record what we see around us, as we travel to special places or go about our daily lives. Whether we are exploring dramatic wild landscapes or walking the streets around our homes we are ‘experiencing landscape’. The detail that surrounds us can be fascinating, if we just allow ourselves to take it in. This course aims to open our eyes to what is around us, finding the potential in the ordinary. With a focus on objects and marks collected on short walks from the studio we will explore various different techniques, making use of what we find.

Her classes, provoke a personal response in her students, to use their own observations, curiosity, and relationship with their surroundings to document the "delicious details". Alice shows and shares her observations and how she translates them. Her fascination is contagious, and is fuelled by our desire to collect, explore, and discover.


Explore a range of different methods to record experience of landscape, engaging with the detail of what you find around you. Undertaking a series of short walks from the studio (whatever the weather!), each with a different focus on recording and collecting, you will build up a series of marks, observations and found objects. Through a range of techniques including rust printing, mono-printing, relief and contact printing along with experimental stitch you will explore different ways to respond to your ‘collections’ and use them as a basis for further work that forms a personal record of your experience.


  • Comfortable shoes and suitable clothes for short walks, whatever the weather
  • Camera and note book- for your own records
  • Small back pack or shoulder bag for carrying things on walks
  • A re-fillable water bottle for walks
  • Selection of neutral natural fabrics – I prefer silk and linen. I suggest approx. 2-3 metres of fabric in total, but this can be made up of a number of pieces of different fibres.
  • Approximately 30 sheets A4 paper of varying weights – from tissue paper through to heavy watercolour or printmaking paper.
  • Selection of threads that you like to work with, including different thicknesses
  • Basic sewing kit (range of needles, pins, scissors and anything else you can’t be without)
  • Basic drawing kit: drawing pen with waterproof ink (I like to use Ticky Graphic by Rotring in a range of nib sizes), pencils, graphite stick & any other favourite basic drawing kit.
  • Apron
  • Protective gloves
  • Craft knife, small cutting mat and metal ruler
  • A4 clip board or stiff board with a bulldog clip


  • Linen thread for wrapping bundles
  • Tea bags for rust printing
  • Extra papers in case needed
  • Bulldog clips for rust print and eco print techniques
  • Book binding thread, needles and folding bones
  • Felt backingHandouts on key techniques
  • Water soluble pencils/pastels 


Supplies available in the Studio

  • Newsprint paper
  • Pelleted soya wax
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Irons
  • Kettle
  • Brushes
  • Empty jars
  • Cat litter trays
  • Large jug
  • Rollers
  • Pack of acetate sheets for rolling out ink
  • Water based printing ink – black or dark grey
  • Newspapers and old magazines
  • Mount board scraps or other card for spreading glue, ink etc.
  • Kitchen roll (for keeping things clean)
  • Baby wipes for cleaning hands
  • Steamer (a vegetable steamer for studio use)
  • Pasta maker x 2
  • Card for using with press (e.g. old cereal packets)
  •  Small wooden frames 

Please note :

It is very important to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled sensible shoes with good support. It is also important to bring the right seasonal weather gear, as it rains even in Italy !



Collection from airport Bari or Brindisi and return to airport.
(free of charge from designated flight. If we collect you from a different flight or from the train station there will be a charge.)

Breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner including wine, at the Masseria. We all treat the Masseria as our home for the week so there is a clearing up rota after each meal in.

Transport to and from two local visits, leaving you free time to explore!  Dinner is not provided on these two evenings out.
Use of all our facilities, swimming pool, bicycles etc

Room fees are as follows:

£700 twin not ensuite

£750 twin ensuite

£850 single


Meals when not at the Masseria (two)
Entry fees to monuments (if any)
Drinks whilst out of the Masseria

Supplies provided for use in the Studio. There will be a fee for materials provided