Jude Kingshott : Creative Books 2019

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Jude Kingshott : Creative Books 2019


You will be taught conventional bookbinding techniques, but used in unconventional ways. By repurposing old books, maps, music sheets, etc you will construct individual and unique books. Also learn to make your ‘personal book cloth'.

Dates August 19th - 23rd 2019

Venue: The Committed to Cloth Studio, 

Course Fee £450

Supplies Fee £ 40 which will include specialist paper

Deposit £225 on booking

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Committed to Cloth tutors and students know Jude as "She who must be obeyed!" She is Leslie's Studio Manager, sanity-checker and friend!  

Jude brings to this course a host of specific techniques, and add to that the unconventional, for you to create unique books from papers that reflect to your interests.

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Paper Folding

Manipulating Paper

Specialist Bookbinding

The Pamphlet

Japanese Stab Binding

The Concertina


  • wax threads

  • bone folders

  • paper knives

  • spring dividers

  • awls

  • try squares

  • bookbinding needles

  • bookbinders glue

  • stainless steel triangle

  • bees wax

  • assorted linen threads

  • old fashion typewriters for your use

  • use of the pinch press

  • an Adana 7x5 printing press with the use of wooden letterpress

  • specialist papers




If you have any personal cloth for a book cover, please bring!


  • Maps

  • Sheet Music

  • Old Books if you are happy to dismantle them

  • Poetry

  • Wrapping paper

  • Parchment

  • Manuscripts


  • Paper Scissors large and small

  • Cola Pens

  • Pilot Pens

  • Bamboo Pens

  • Automatic Pens www.scribblers.co.uk has the most the choice !

  • Any writing tool

  • favourite paint brushes

  • LARGE cutting matt

  • Stanley knife with spare blades

  • Craft knife with spare blades

  • a small plastic quilters ruler at least 12 inches long but not much longer

  • small pot of acrylic wax ( Art van Go )

INKs - optional choices

  • Water Colour paints

  • Aquarelle

  • Kohl-l-Noor


  • Rubber gloves (suggest two pairs).

  • Wear old clothes suitable for gardening or decorating, and/or bring a cloth apron.

  • Please note :

    It is important to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled sensible shoes with good support, that will resist hot water. 

  • A notebook and pen.

  • A camera as it can be useful to take photographs of processes or work-in-progress.

  • £40 in cash for specialist supplies




Please arrive no later than 9.15am on the Monday for a 9.30am start.  Teaching hours will run from 9.30am to 4.30.  The studio opening hours will be from 8.30am to 5.00pm. If you arrive early bear in mind that the Class does not begin until 9:30 and we may still be setting up. 

OnFriday, the Studio will close at promptly at 4:30.

Studio Information

Lunches, tea/coffee, nibbles and fruit will be provided.

We can provide gluten free, and vegetarian meals. We need to chat if you have more complicated dietary needs!

See the Accommodation list, which comes with student feedback, if you need to stay locally.

Contact and Directions : www.committedtocloth.uk/say-hello

 Leslie Morgan lm@committedtocloth.com

or Jude Kingshott  jude.kingshott@btinternet.com