Christine Chester : Poetry of Decay 2019

Poetry Of Decay (5).jpg
Poetry Of Decay (5).jpg

Christine Chester : Poetry of Decay 2019


How often do you take photographs of peeling paint, lichen, rusting metal, weathered rock surfaces and neglected buildings? But then what? How do you interpret those beautiful marks on paper and in textiles.

This mixed media course will introduce you to some materials and processes that will help you to create rich and textured surfaces based on the inspiration found in your own photographs.

Venue: Committed to Cloth Studio, Surrey

Dates:  17th -21st September 2019  

Course Fee: £450    Payable on booking



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Christine Chester

Textile artist and teacher making work about dementia and identity and always inspired by the beach and beach combing.

Christine Chester - Textile Artist


Christine will teach you about the products and the preparation of the paper and fabric. Working first on paper and then on fabric you will experiment with a variety of media including paints, inks, dyes, wax, oil pastel, puff binder, and rusting powder, combined with machine and hand stitch. You will be shown how to create your own mark making tools from found and discarded objects in the landscape whilst producing a series of small paper based studies enabling you to layer experiments quickly, creating an understanding of your materials that you can then take on to work on more considered pieces on fabric.

The images above were from Christine’s previous Class here!


There will be a supplies fee payable to Christine for the acrylics and other media she is providing, at the end of the course.

Please bring with you

  • 1 pack of 100 plain white record cards or postcards (6” x 4”) – 200-220 gsm if possible. Please cut before you come!

  • Small selection of favourite mark making tools

  • 6 photos printed on to photographic quality paper (6”x4” standard photo size) – images of peeling paint – rust – lichen/moss on stone – distressed walls – decay

  • black Quink ink (not permanent ink)

  • Small tube black acrylic paint

  • 1 Black & 1 White Oil Pastel + optional rusty brown

  • 2m scoured (or PFD – prepared for dyeing) fabric (see below for scouring instructions)

  • small selection machine cottons – colours to co-ordinate with photos

  • small selection hand embroidery threads

  • standard sewing equipment

  • small pieces of any interesting Japanese, lace or craft papers that you might have already

  • White tissue paper

  • Soluble wax crayons - Neo-Colour II or Reeves - black/white/rusty brown or orange

  • 1 empty washed aluminium drink can, best ones are Pellegrino and Coke

  • 10 small pots - shot glass size

  • 10 x 1" foam brushes

Please note :

It is important to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled sensible shoes with good support. 

SCOURING: For every metre of fabric being scoured, dissolve 3 heaped tablespoons of soda ash or washing soda in a bucket of hot water – please wear rubber gloves – and soak fabric overnight. Then wash in a washing machine on a 60 degree wash. Dry. This process removes manufacturer’s dressing.




Evidence of German Decay in Speyer



Please arrive no later than 9.15am on the Tuesday for a 9.30am start.  Teaching hours will run from 9.30am to 4.  The studio opening hours will be from 8.30am to 5.00pm. If you arrive early bear in mind that the Class does not begin until 9:30 as we may still be setting up. 

On Saturday, the studio will close at prompt at 4:30.

Studio Information

Lunches, tea/coffee and nibbles and fruit will be provided.

See the Accommodation list, which comes with student feedback, if you need to stay locally.

Contact and Directions :

 Leslie Morgan