‘Purely Cloth' : Amanda Clayton 2018


‘Purely Cloth' : Amanda Clayton 2018


‘Purely cloth’…….exploring the qualities of cloth and stitch in a neutral palette with particular emphasis on flat to form.  All issues to be rediscovered using traditional techniques as inspirations, starting points and beginnings………

Dates:  September 25-27, 2018  

Venue: Committed to Cloth Studio, Surrey

Course Fee: £400 +  supplies      Deposit £200

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About Amanda

My creative practice is my life. It intertwines with my friends, family, home, garden, and travels...

For an artist practicing in any media the starting points are the same; looking, selecting and interpreting using the love and medium of drawing, which was instilled in me from a young age. The confidence that I had in the ability to be an individual was encouraged along the way.

Enlightenment came when I was 14. The most influential person in the development of my art philosophies and standards was my wonderful secondary school teacher Anwar Shemza. An artist in his own right, he made me understand how cloth and stitch was another justifiable media to follow through my ideas. My response to a borrowed small DMC embroidery book became so much more tangible as I became aware that I could formally study embroidery and put together my love of art and needlework.

There are many phrases that Anwar said along the way. ‘You are only as good as your next piece of work’ was one of them; as well as the fact that a piece of work takes more than the time you spend making it…. it also reflects a lifetime of experience.


I am still learning, challenging and I am never satisfied.

This drives me forward to my next piece.

Creativity is my life.



Amanda has only just resumed freelance teaching again after lecturing on an art and design foundation course for 25 years. Prior to that in the eighties I worked freelance on degree, foundation and guilds....moderating for city and guilds....exhibiting/residencies

Made in the Middle - 30 years online exhibition has just been launched and she is part of this.

She has practiced and exhibited consistently over the last 35 years.

Amanda Clayton & Dr Jacqueline Collin have made a piece that is shortlisted in the FINE ART QUILT MASTERS called 'One in Two-Thousand' www.facebook.com/amandajclaytonstitch/


‘Purely cloth’…….

...exploring the qualities of cloth and stitch in a neutral palette with particular emphasis on flat to form

















Amanda's workshops consist of some observational work from source and contemporary, historical and cultural references where appropriate.

  • All issues to be rediscovered using traditional techniques as inspirations, starting points and beginnings………
  • This course is very much about experimenting and taking risks. ’creativity is trying something that you do not think will work’
  • You may not go away with resolved pieces but you will have lots of ideas to develop back in your studio.  

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REQUIREMENTS  - ‘Purely Cloth’  -   ‘flat to form’

  • 3 favourite fragile forms (optional)
  • Paper scissors/cloth scissors/embroidery scissors
  • Box of dressmaking pins
  • Sewing needles/cloth pen/sewing kit
  • Small amount of assorted scrap papers of varying qualities.(shoebox max.)
  • 12’’ ruler
  • Sheet of A2 graph paper  (this can be smaller pieces taped together)
  • Scalpel/pencil/notebook
  • Selection of any wire you may have. Fine/medium weight.
  • Wire cutters (optional)
  • As many qualities of  neutral cloth that you have.  Minimum 40 x 40 cm pieces. To include: organdie, organza, crepeline, habotai, mousaline,……………your favourite kind…..heavier weights.
  • 1 piece of cotton organdie 60cm x 60cm   ( £10 from me if you want )
  • 1 piece of silk crepeline   60cm x 60cm     ( £8 from me if you want )
  • A variety of threads. Neutral.
  • Digital camera if you have one to record processes.
  • Current sketchbook.

I am sure we will be creative with what we have so except for the silk crepeline and cotton organdie please do not panic about buying loads of stuff.  I will bring ample of all the materials on the list and will only charge for cloth. I will bring other qualities …organza, tulle, habotai, wool, bobbinette, chiffon, pina, mousaline, gauze……in smaller pieces 45cm x 45cm.






Please arrive no later than 9.15am on the Tuesday for a 9.30am start.  Teaching hours will run from 9.30am to 4:30.  The studio opening hours will be from 8.30am to 5.00pm. If you arrive early bear in mind that the Class does not begin until 9:30 as we may still be setting up. 

On Thursday, the studio will close at prompt at 4:30.


Lunches, tea/coffee and nibbles and fruit will be provided.

See the Accommodation list, which comes with student feedback, if you need to stay locally.

Contact and Directions : www.committedtocloth.uk/say-hello

 Leslie Morgan lm@committedtocloth.com