Leslie Morgan : FOCUS 2020

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Working at the Committed to Cloth Studio.jpg

Leslie Morgan : FOCUS 2020


Most of us get to a stage in our textile endeavours when we ask “where am I trying to get to with all of this?” This individual focus time seeks to help you work with creating your cloth and or to use construction and stitch techniques to generate textile pieces that achieve your intent.

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” — Bruce Lee

Workshop £60 a month, booking retainer £120

 Venue: Committed to Cloth Studio, Surrey

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Venue: C2C Studio (please see contact page)

Experience level:  This study class is not suitable for beginners. Students must be of an intermediate to advanced level, with a reasonably clear idea of what they wish to achieve. If you have just graduated from Wet & Wild consider Wet and Wild II as the next stage on.

Class fees: The fee for Working with Intent will be be £60 for a ‘wet’ day  £55 for a dry day which includes lunch and snacks. Fees are paid monthly for everyone’s benefit in terms of cash flow. Students who sign up need to acknowledge that they are committing to the full 10 days of study… and to paying the monthly class fee even if they cannot attend.

Class size: limited to 11 students.

Dates: Leslie will work with you on an individual basis to arrange the best day a month that suits you. 

Registration: The retainer of £120 pays for the last 2 months of your year. Your retainer will roll over to the next year if you wish to continue this or another 'DAM' workshop.

Studio Times: Please arrive between 8.30 - 9.30am for each session. The class will begin no later than 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

Additional information: The emphasis will be on independent study and focus on helping you to take what you know and push your work forward with fabric development, construction and stitch. Use paper or cloth based design and composition tools to flesh out ideas and generate studies or rough guides as to potential ways forward.

You will need to give thought and consideration in advance of each class in terms of:

  • Intention: what are the specific goals in terms of producing a body of work.

  • Source material: collages, photographs, journals and other reference material

  • Fabrics: assembling the ‘palette’ (if pieces are to be constructed) in terms of colour and value range, solids, graphics etc., or producing the whole cloth.

  • Tools and materials: threads, scissors, needles, cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, fusible web, backing fabrics, design tools etc. and your iron.

Leslie’s main focus will be to guide and mentor rather than instruct and she will focus on:

  • Understanding individual goals in terms of the body of work each student wishes to produce.

  • Providing advice and guidance on techniques appropriate to the work to be made.

  • Running one-to-one and group discussions to help you respond to work-in-progress, brainstorm, trouble-shoot and plan ways forward.

As such, this is not a technique-based class. It will encourage the evaluation of work-in-progress and the discussion of ideas, concepts, design and composition. Students are expected to take responsibility for thinking through what they wish to focus on and work towards and work independently, receiving help and advice on technique as needed. If there are students wanting to use a specific technique unfamiliar to them, demonstrations will be provided.

Our Studio has wet and dry facilities. As such, you will be able to undertake wet work in order to generate specific pieces of cloth to use to create your personal work.

It is essential to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled sensible shoes with good support. 

The artist invents his own style as self nourishment. Avoid the logic – keep in touch with the immediate. Fascination is superior to ‘taking it for granted-ness’ nor is confidence security.
— Chan Ky-Yut