Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play : Leslie Morgan 2019

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Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play : Leslie Morgan 2019


‘How do I make better work?’ We will look at simple language and principles of design found in the physical world. Working from a personal starting point, discover tools to create contrast and harmony using colour, value, size, shape, and texture. Bring your curiosity to discover what you like and how to achieve the elements you need to work with your theme and create effective compositions. 

Dates: 30th January - 3rd Feb 2019

Venue: Committed to Cloth Studio, Surrey

Course Fee: £450 + £20 supplies      Deposit £225

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Whether your creativity needs unravelling, unlocking, or unfolding this very personal course is about you, your work, your curiosity and how to move forward in 2019. Whatever level you feel you are, this will be the chance to start from where you are and add appropriate experience to focus on and develop this year.




To get the best out of this retreat you will want to have an idea of where to start and this is where your curiosity comes in. You will want a starting point that speaks to you and excites you. This can be developed and honed, simplified or expanded during the course.

Do you work from a theme?  

When we wrote finding your own Visual Language, Claire Benn took 'line' for her theme. Jane Dunnewold took a circle, and used circles either as a spiritual symbol, or a visual shape from her environment. I took leaves which seemed to be an easy starting place and then added thorns to tell a story!

 Are you a story-teller? Do you work from emotion?

My present 'theme' is houses but it is not about architecture but about house vs home, the disintegration of a marriage. I use the structure of a house as a symbol, and  also a bird’s nest.  Your theme can be about an object, a topic or an emotion, or an action. 

Do you work from a place?

I am a photographer. I love my environment, and have two favourite walks, and now a studio environment! I have been walking the Favourite Walk for the last 32 years, and photographed it in all it's season and moods. As I have aged so has it!  I feel grounded, connected, inspired and lifted and sometimes, inspired to investigate these images.

Favourite Walk 

I still do not use them in my work but I may one day! 

Favourite Walk Too 

To Bring:

  • As much inspiration as you can!
    • Photographs
    • Artists you admire
    • Your sketchbooks
    • Poems (or my favourite lyrics!)
    • Your favourite Object
    • Examples of your work including work in progress, personal screens, tools and photos
    • You could pick up "Finding Your Own Visual Language" and do the writing exercises!
  • A selection of different textured papers
  • Glue Stick 
  • Cutting Mat and ruler
  • Paper scissors and craft knife with a spare blades
  • An assortment of coloured pens or crayons
  • A variety of pencils, and mark-making tools
  • Graphite and/or charcoal for rubbings
  • Old magazines and coloured papers like wrapping paper
  • Lino cutters if you have them

Please note: It is essential to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled sensible shoes with good support. (you’ll be standing a great deal)


  • Stamp making plastic
  • India Ink
  • Textured paper
  • Glue
  • Mixed media Products
  • Brown paper



Please arrive no later than 9.15am on the Wednesday for a 9.30am start.  Teaching hours will run from 9.30am to 5.  The studio opening hours will be from 8.30am to 5.30pm. If you arrive early bear in mind that the Class does not begin until 9:30 as I may still be setting up. 

On Sunday, the studio will close at prompt at 4:30.

Studio Information

Lunches, tea/coffee and nibbles and fruit will be provided.

See the Accommodation list, which comes with student feedback, if you need to stay locally.

Contact and Directions : www.committedtocloth.uk/say-hello

 Leslie Morgan lm@committedtocloth.com