I am very happy to be joining C2C to, support Leslie, however it is just as important to me to be around all of the wonderful students who come to learn, share their skills and their company.

The Studio Manager... She who must be obeyed! :)

The Studio Manager... She who must be obeyed! :)

My love of creating began as a child My mother was, through necessity very creative; knitting, sewing, cooking, DIY.  I was always eager to learn and began with knitting.  As an adult I made a lot of my own, sometimes odd, clothes and many of my children’s clothes too.

In the 70’s, whilst living in Egypt, I happened upon an American quilting Bee, they were as a group making a quilt as a wedding gift.  I was hooked and made my first quilt.  I also began painting with acrylic paints onto cotton galabayas.

My practice has developed exponentially during the following years with carefully selected courses and encouragement from great mentors.  

I have known Leslie since the early 90’s and joined the C2C family in 2010, following when the class with Leslie at East Grinstead, moved to Potters Farm Barn.

My working process is inspired by anything and everything, the fabric of life itself.  I work on white fabric, and also sometimes paper and layer colour, images and textures with dyes, discharge and screen inks My last layer is stitch. 

I love breakdown printing, over-dyeing, screen printing and discharge.  I allow my pieces to evolve and speak to me after every process. I work on large pieces of fabric which I will often cut into smaller compositions to develop a series of work. 

Finally I add stitching.  I love, love, love hand stitching, however I do use machine stitching or a combination of both!

My most recent work is a combination of breakdown printing, using circles and letters then with shibori, indigo dye and intensive hand stitching.

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