I am an embroiderer who makes quilts...

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I have two separate pathways that link and merge and influence each other, and yet can be completely different. This must be a natural result of loving two different processes, and the place I am in when I am occupied with them.

I love creating layered cloth, which tells a story. I love the excitement of starting with white cloth, and building up meaning and texture, atmosphere and mood. I love all the processes along the way, from developing the marks and images, to find the right tool for the effect I want. I love the surprises that occur along the way, that influence the course of the piece. I am faithful to many of the images that I have developed over the years, and the many ways they can be used. They are security and adventure.

My layered cloth is the starting point for all my work. There are two outcomes. One is to keep the piece as a whole cloth, and to support and enhance the design and composition with quilting. The other is to cut the cloth and to piece related fabrics together to achieve the composition. There is a very practical result to these two methods! If the composition of the whole cloth fails I have another chance to find a solution by piecing it.

The stitching of either of these outcomes is an important element to my work. The whole cloth pieces are stitched to support the imagery, and I use either a quilting approach for the texture and directionality quilting gives, or I stitch the pieces without wadding to achieve a more smocked effect, which has a less rigid result, with drape and oodles of wonderful literal and visual texture.

I work in series, which I feel adds momentum and context to my work. The last piece influences the next. There are also time when I will generate ideas by exploring new imagery, or a new process, or by revisiting an old process in a new way.

Recent Work  - 2017

EMPTY 2017      177cm x 96cm

EMPTY 2017      177cm x 96cm

Personal Inspiration Gallery

ABANDON   2017  192cm x 92cm

ABANDON  2017  192cm x 92cm

One of the talks and courses I give, is base on Curiosity. It is called

" Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play"

or Unravelling?

or Unfolding?

This is the motto at the end!


I am a Photographer so I seldom have good pictures of myself, so

Thank You to my daughter Cindy for this one!

Colour is still a source of joy and wonder! 

I love to have my Studio FULL of Colour!

I am a Photographer so I still seldom have good pictures of myself, so


Thank You to my friend Denise for these!