2020 - Retreats in Italy


22-28 March 2020

Leslie Morgan : Colour and Breakdown

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21-26 September 2020

Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

26 Sept - 3 Oct

Brunhilde Scheidmeir & Jude Kingshott : Eco Printing & Bookmaking

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10-17 October

Debbie Lyddon : Exploring place

17-24 October

Christine Chester : Poetry of Decay

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24-31 October 2020

Janice Gunner : Indigo, Boro and more


Janice Gunner: Indigo, Boro and more

Janice Gunner: Indigo, Boro and more

Spend a week of creativity learning how to dye with with Indigo and locally sourced natural dyes such as onion skins and pomegranate. These hand dyes will give you a palette of fabrics and threads to produce a Boro inspired cloth, slow stitched by hand, Sashiko style.
Your tutor, Janice Gunner specialises in indigo dyeing and is now researching the use of botanical dyes for her MA in Textiles. Janice also works with traditional Japanese Textile techniques including Sashiko stitching which has its origins in the now much sought after Boro (translates as rags) cloths. You will learn about these special cloths in detail and get the opportunity to see some of the pieces in Janice’s collection to use as inspiration for your own work.
Janice will provide a kit which includes suitable fabrics for dyeing with both indigo and natural dyes, thread and a Sashiko needle. She will also bring for sale, some vintage Japanese fabrics to further enhance your work if you wish. If you would like to bring any fabrics of your own to add to these please ensure they are cotton, linen or fine wool. Just bring your hand sewing kits, some scissors, a note book and pen, camera and an open mind!

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