2017 - Retreats in Italy

More Information about these 6 exciting textile courses arranged for 2017 at the Masseria della Zingara will be coming soon. Please signup to the mailing list and we will keep you posted.


24-29 September 2017

matthew harris  

in place

Dorothy asked us to approach Mathew Harris to see if he could possibly step in at such short notice. They are closely aligned in their approach to being and working from a sense of 'In Place’.  We are delighted to say that Mathew is able and thrilled to have this experience with you in this amazing place.

For those of you unfamiliar with Matthews own practice please visit his website : www.matthewharriscloth.co.uk

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16-20 October 2017

Christine Chester  


How often do you take photographs of peeling paint, lichen, rusting metal, weathered rock surfaces and neglected buildings? But then what? How do you interpret those beautiful marks on paper and in textiles.

This mixed media course will introduce you to some materials and processes that will help you to create rich and textured surfaces based on the inspiration found in your own photographs.

Working first on paper and then on fabric you will experiment with a variety of media including paints, inks, dyes, wax, oil pastel, puff binder, and rusting powder, combined with machine and hand stitch. You will be shown how to create your own mark making tools from found and discarded objects in the landscape whilst producing a series of small paper based studies enabling you to layer experiments quickly, creating an understanding of your materials that you can then take on to work on more considered pieces on fabric.

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