Thank you so much for nurturing me through the Procion maze, welcoming me as part of the C2C community, valuing me enough to represent the Studio in the ‘Creative Textiles Studio’ at the Festival of Quilts. Thank You being a shoulder and a friend, giving me space to breathe and confidence to grow.
— KH
Thank You, Leslie, so very much for your time and expertise! I love your Books and DVDs. They are an inspiration and extremely helpful
— LK
Whilst trying to find your email address, I searched on the C2C website and spent a lovely hour reading and reminiscing on the great times we all had over the past 15 years! You have played such a major part in my creative life by helping me explore and find my voice in expressing myself through textiles. Thank you!
— CE
Without doubt the Matthew Harris Course was the most rewarding, exhilarating class I have attended. I found him an exceptionally good teacher. He promoted a wonderful atmosphere of calm enquiry in the studio, with an attention to each person as an individual which was both productive and rare.
— SD
Just thought I would write to say a huge thank you to you, Jude and the wonderful Alice Fox for the most amazing and exciting week. I felt my feet did not touch the ground. I felt disconnected from the everyday in the very best sense and have come away with so many ideas and thoughts, that my head is spinning.
— DB
It was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an enriching and meaningful experience. You are truly a special person, with the most generous nature, a gift to the people surrounding you. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities to learn from you.
— SR
I love your posts ... and how they suggest and reflect the way you, and those who work with you are working, with what they find and learn.
— NT
I want to say thank you for your continuing support, encouragement and creative guidance, much appreciated.
— SJ
Thank you for taking me into the world of COLOUR! It felt so good to be in a good creative environment, with such great teaching and guidance.
— LM
Thank you for changing my perspective on what is achievable and giving me the courage to try
— KG
I have your screen printing book and it’s a gem. The technical instruction is concise and straightforward. The exercises in using value, colour and pattern to create a background cloth really helped me get off the mark with my first pattern design.
— NE
What an overwhelming but fantastic Wet and Wild weekend. Claire and Jo were really generous in sharing their work and knowledge with us. Felt like a real privilege to be shown the techniques they have used in their own cloth, like having an insider seat to great artists at work! Can’t wait to learn more.
— LC
You have a magical community. What an incredible time I have had! Not only the learning (Paper Lamination), but also the studio, the warm welcome, and the lovely lunches. 2015
I want to thank you for another fantastic Wet and Wild weekend. The whole course has been so exciting and stimulating that I can hardly wait for the next session. I couldn’t get to sleep on Sunday and kept thinking of ways to push the pieces forward. 2015
— LP
Thanks for all the books and DVDs. I live in Rural Remote Australia and your books are like WINE [good one] to me. Love every single one! 2015
— MA
The creation of C2C and the commitment from both of you over the 10 years or so I have been coming has made a huge difference to me as an artist. So THANK YOU. You both truly created a community to be proud of. 2015
— CC
I highly recommend Leslie’s Colour Courses. She enthusiastically taught me about colour, in a very structured way, so that I could see the impact colours had on each other, in a variety of combinations. 2015
— GH
I’ve just finished a fabulous “art movie” day with Breakdown Printing and Screen Printing as the feature presentations. I wanted to thank you both for being so generous in your books and DVDs. Sometimes, it has been my experience when I’ve asked an artist “How did you do [insert specific technique]?”, he or she has been hesitant to share the details. I have all but two of your books and with each one I gain more insight to realizing some specific ideas on fabric.and tips for how to make things I’m already doing better... ( brighter end results with proper batching and rinsing. Ha!) Thank you for not only developing these books/DVDs, but also for your generous and detailed style of presentation. To think a live workshop with “Committed to Cloth” should find its way onto my art journey. Thank you again, truly.
— PL
I have just finished reading your new book about Thermofax Screens. I think this is one of your best books so far (I have read all of them), you give such clear advices and the compositional comments are fantastic. The DVD that comes with the book is also wonderful. I love the way you work and teach, this is really a way where I think that you encourage people to go further in their creative process; I am glad that you produce such wonderful books and DVD’s. Life can be so positive!!!
— Corinna, Switzerland
Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn have a unique and fresh approach to creating fearless art. Each student is given exceptional individual attention and their hands-on approach provides the opportunity for artists to find and develop their own voice. Their knowledge base of techniques was amazing and part of their ability to point each artist in the right direction. Leslie and Claire are talented, very capable and delightful
— VM
Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn have a unique and fresh approach to creating fearless art. Each student is given exceptional individual attention; their hands on approach and amazing knowledge base of techniques provide opportunities for artists to find and develop their own voice
— VW
The first thing I appreciated about taking a class with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan was their ability to draw out of each student what they wanted to communicate in their artwork. It didn’t matter if the person was a “butterfly” (all over the place), or a person with a great deal of strong passion and feelings.

As we went around the room that first morning to review what we hoped to accomplish, I knew I was in the right place and that the week was going to change my life.

Leslie and Claire then shared all of their skills about design and mark-making techniques to help us execute our ideas and we spent the next 4.5 days doing just that – executing our ideas in fabric.
Claire and Leslie have clearly worked together for some time. They are great friends. They enjoy each other and have confidence in each other. They know what students need in order to move forward and be the best they can be.

They were there to bring out the best in us rather than be clones of them. Their ability to tag team was of huge benefit in that each student was able to make tremendous progress in a single week. My artwork will never be the same. I have a new confidence, I have a sense of direction, I have new skills that I use regularly, and I know what to do when I feel “stuck”. I can’t wait to get back under their tutelage in the classroom again to keep pressing forward in my artwork
— KS
Two of the exceptional talents which Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan possess include the ability to assess where each student is in their artistic journey and secondly, the willingness to offer suggestions and advice on how to continue to grow
— MA
Trying to describe the impact of spending a week at the Crow Barn on a class with Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn is hard. To discuss it in terms of techniques learned seems to trivialize the whole of it; to talk about it in terms of their enthusiasm and energy means my words don’t measure up; to discuss it in terms of how my mind and vision were listened to and stretched seems to elevate it to a spiritual experience. Taking the workshop was like being a part of their formula for kinetic energy: Claire and Leslie are truly among the hardest working women I have ever encountered in any arena
— KD
I absolutely loved being in a class with Claire & Leslie. I put them both at the very top of my list of great teachers and the class is at the top of my great learning experiences list (and I have taken many classes with most of the top teachers). I liked the pace of the class, and benefited hugely from the attention and feedback from both tutors – they made sure every day that each student received ample time and attention.

The richness of the class derives from the fact that both Leslie and Claire have a distinct style and way of teaching, yet they never compete or clash. The best way I can convey that idea is to say that 1+1 in this case does not equal 2 but rather more like 3 or 4
— MG
I’ve nearly finished the new book [Screen Printing] – and just felt I wanted to say a big congratulations! I think it’s an amazing resource and so clear! Having just spent two years being introduced to the techniques, reading it through consolidates it all. So much exciting possibility!

All the books have all been terrific, but having seen the work at the N E C, I was struck with just how much you’ve influenced the work of so many people and was planning to write before I actually saw the latest book. The work in this country has developed hugely, largely due to your hard work and mentoring. I’ve been watching the quilt scene (and embroidery, for that matter) intensely since about 1995 and have always felt the Europeans were on a different level artistically, but no longer!

So a big thank you, too, from me, personally, for having helped me access what was inaccessible when I started! I’m really looking forward to the next few years of work with the tools in hand.
— Shirley Shotton

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